Friday, August 05, 2005

One (More) Night In Bangkok

OK, since there's no way I'm gonna fall asleep anytime soon, having just seen in my bedroom (and killed) the scariest looking bug ever (I hit my wall so hard with a shoe that the paint cracked; I shit you not), let's go on with the story of Bangkok.

July 9, 2005
Still Bangkok. Still with Monkey (who is most assuredly NOT simply an alter ego of mine, KtP).

After breakfast, at an overpriced (but still cheap as hell) American place, Monkey and I headed for the Chatuchak Weekend Market. I have to say, this was the sight I was most looking forward to seeing in Bangkok (with the exception of all the hookers, of course). I'm a big fan of markets generally, and this one was supposed to be huge and have everything from pirated DVDs to live chickens. We took the SkyTrain out, and the place was, in fact, huge, and packed. I think I wandered around the perimeter for a good 25 minutes before I realized that there were actually interior aisles as well. It was hot as hell, and I kept downing waters and iced teas. They were like a quarter each. Crazy. Part of the problem with the place being so big was that it was also a bit confusing. I walked past some of the same things 4 times, but know I missed whole sectors (inclding that containing the live chickens, much to my chagrin). But it was still awesome. I bought some crap souvenirs, as well as some (crap) ties and two (crap) pairs of shorts, which I "tried on" by stretching the elastic waist around my neck, at the suggestion of some Asian dude who, it turns out, was just shopping himself. (There are signs all over prohibiting people from truly trying things on; I guess when you pay $2.17 for a [insert currently fashionable designer] dress, they're entitled to expect the customer to take some risk). Monkey bought some stuff too, including a hat and a backpack. I must say, though, my favorite purchase of the day: mini donuts on a stick. They were out of the one flavor I really wanted to try (Green Tea), but I sucked it up and had the coffee flavored ones. Man, those were good.

When we had had enough marketing (after eating the cheapest lunch ever), we decided to wander back to the general vicinity of our hotel. For a change of pace, we took the subway rather than the SkyTrain (Monkey figured there would be a different group of chicks, one of whom he tried totally unsuccessfully -- comically so, in fact -- to talk to while waiting for the train). When we got off the subway, we were not far from the famous "Soi Cowboy," an area of bars, at least a couple of which are Western themed, which is even funnier in Bangkok than it is in NY. We walked up and down the street, but the bars were kind of dead, as it was still mid-afternoon. We decided to stop in at a "regular" (read: shitty and not featuring naked women) bar which had a couple of pool tables to have a few beers and possibly play some pool. We ended up staying there for several hours, drinking lots of beers, and playing lots of pool, as a torrential downpour came out of nowhere. The place was pretty much empty, except for the women who worked there. And by that I mean bartenders/whores. Because I, for some ridiculous reason, feel bad calling every woman in Bangkok a whore (even the actual whores), and in keeping with the corporate trend toward title inflation, lets call them Vice Presidents of Refreshment and Copulation (VPRC). These VPRCs were actually very friendly and not overly pushy. They played pool with us for a good 1/2 hour or so before coming right out and asking if we wanted to take them home. One of them took a particular liking to me, and I was friendly in return. To a point. The "you no like me?"s got a little tiresome, but, again, we were all just chillin'. Truth be told (and this sounds ridiculous), but I actually was more "interested" in one of the other VPRCs. Less conventionally attractive, I think, than the one who was hanging on me, but, in BizarroWorld, she could have been a LiAps Special. She was cute and sweet and all the things you look for in a girl.

On the other hand, there's that whole DIRTY HOOKER thing.

So, once the rain stopped, Monkey and I headed back to the hotel to shower and get ready for the big Bangkok finale!

Which I'll tell you about soon.