Thursday, August 26, 2004


1) I just got out of the car at my hotel after dinner and proceeded to get shat on by what must have been 73 birds. Head, shirt, pants. Hawaii hates me.

2) Somebody please tell me if the unrated DVD version of that "Girl Next Door" movie means that Elisha Cuthbert gets naked. Damnit. By searching imdb for the link, I think I answered my own question, in the negative. That's such a shame. I never saw the regular version, and imagine the movie pretty much blows, but I really wanted to see naked Elisha if possible.

3) I just sent some stuff to the laundry in my hotel so it'll be clean for SF. It's going to cost about $100. Each pair of underwear and each pair of socks - $2.75. I should have just bought new socks.

4) Last non-working day in HI is tomorrow. I need to go in the ocean. Haven't done that yet.