Wednesday, June 30, 2004


the "Post by Secret EMail" feature of my new favorite
toy. With the BlackBerry supplied by my captors, I
can blog from the middle of depositions in Bermuda
(August 10-12; stay tuned!!).

I was just thinking

the other day, while on the can, "If only I had my own blog . . ." Having followed a link from the fantabulous blog of my good friends the Furdell posse and been led to the blogspot site of the greatest stuffed friend a guy could ever ask for I discovered that I can have my own blog. Free. No guarantee anyone will ever read it, but then again, no guarantee I'll ever post anything worth reading. Certainly worth the startup costs, and a fitting way for a BigLaw associate who's sick of his job to while away the (non-billable) hours. So, it's on.