Monday, May 30, 2005

Guess where I was last week . . .

SF Broadway
Originally uploaded by LiAps.

Yup. San Fran. Love that city. Not motivated to write, though there's plenty I could be writing about. This is my last week at my job.

Sunday I leave for my solo cross-country drive to Vegas, for the bachelor party to end all bachelor parties. The beginning of the Summer of LiAps - blissfully unemployed and doing a bit of globetrotting. It should be amazing. I think I'll likely keep a paper travel journal, and maybe share some tidbits with you all on a time delay.

Gotta go to sleep soon. I was up way late last night. How's everyone??

Sunday, May 22, 2005

A Glimpse Into My Youth

Not to mention some of the funniest stuff ever. Seriously, when I first watched this [link won't work unless I write the whole thing out] today, (thanks to Bruno for forwarding it), I got pretty nostalgic. It's been a long, long time. I'm old. I'm OK with it I guess, but sometimes I forget and it comes out of nowhere to smack me upside the head. Sometimes I smack back too. Clearly past my bedtime. Goodnight.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

One More Try

Elvii at Martinsville
Originally uploaded by LiAps.

With Bunsen's help, maybe I can get this photo to post without screwing up the whole layout.

Fingers crossed.

It worked. Love those Evil Science Chicks. Anyway, these guys were working the crowd when my sister and I went Redneck watching last October. Yes, I sat that close to the track. Awesome.

Just posted because it has been so long since I put up a pic, and I had to switch to flickr. Hope I get enough free space. If not, I'll suck it up and pay for an account. Because I hope to have lots of pics to share from my travels this summer.


Monday, May 16, 2005

Follow Big Al's Adventure

No, not Big Gay Al from South Park, but my friend and former co-worker, whose name is not, in fact, Al. But of course that isn't the point. Big Al just took a leave of absence from my firm to travel around Asia for 6 months. We're talking about a guy who's already been to places like Tibet and Mongolia and climbed mountains and done all kinds of crazy shit people like me just don't do. But this 6-month trek should be truly top-notch.

I'm very jealous, mostly because I wish I were the type of person who could be comfortable taking such a trip alone. I'm not (though I am taking a 3 week mini-Asia trip this summer, partially alone, and, not cincidentally, meeting up with Big Al in Hong Kong). Follow Big Al's adventures here. He doesn't leave for a month or so, but hopefully he'll give us some more background and thoughts before taking off. I'll post a permanent link in the sidebar soon.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Before It Disappears Off My Tracking Site

I need you all to know that someone from Greece found my site searching for "i mant to fuck my grandmother." Uh, you probably shouldn't do that. Like, ever.

Other recent amusing searches: "sweet potato ball receipt singapore," "+2005+salt emails in spain " and several variations of "bodystocking" and "pantyless" queries.

Also, more than a few people searching for Linda Canada info. (I have to do that to prevent the links from running together; I'm a moron). And I figure the more I keep mentioning her and linking to my own posts, the greater the chance she calls me and offers me the exclusive "Where are they now?" interview. I could be the next Pat O'Brien. Linda and I could get some coke and just go fucking crazy. That would be sweet.

Monday, May 09, 2005

I'll Wait 'Til They Send Out Vinnie

Apologies to all my friends who work for Sprint, but these people are ridiculous. I discontinued my service with them about a year ago. They were so bad that I actually willingly paid the early termination fee to switch to Verizon. A few months after I paid my final bill, including that fee, I started getting invoices showing a past due amount of $47 and change. Now, I pay all my bills, in full, every month, and know that I had no "past due" amount. I called customer service and told them this, asking them to explain to me how, exactly, they figured I owed them this money. Their answer was, more or less, "because my computer says so." My computer often tells me there are "Sexy 19-year-old Virgins Who Want [My] Cock Deep In All Their Holes." That doesn't make it true.

I told the various reps and supervisor that I simply wasn't going to pay a bill just because they said so, and I wanted an itemized description of the charges. None ever came.

About 4 months ago, I started getting calls at work and home from a collections agency about my "debt" to Sprint. I told the one agent I spoke to that the debt was disputed, and, when I got a notice in the mail, sent back a letter officially informing the agency of the dispute, and demanding, pursuant to the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, that the agency cease all attempts to contact me by phone and provide me with a "verification" of the alleged debt. I never heard from them again.

Apparently, Sprint turned the account over to the heavy hitters, Allied Interstate, a company so good at what it does, that the Minnesota Attorney General filed suit against it on behalf of the citizens of his state being repeatedly harassed by these jackasses. While the brief conversation I had with one of the reps this morning wasn't nearly as good as some of the ones described in the complaint, I told this guy that the debt was disputed and that I would send them a letter saying so if they would send me something in writing. His response:

"All this over $47? Why don't you let go of your principles here and get this taken care of today?"

Uh, you mean the principle where I don't hand over money just because someone asks for it? Thanks, but I think I'll stick to that one.

I explained further that Sprint had so far been unable to explain to me the derivation of the $47 "debt," and that I'd gladly take a look at an itemized bill if someone would provide me with one. He said:

"Well I'm sure they're not making it up. If they were making it up, they could've made it $400 or $4000!"

Oh, so I should be grateful the phantom debt is two digits instead of four, and pay on that basis. I don't think so.

This pisses me off, because I have near perfect credit. For a very good reason - I pay all bills, in full, on time, always. And these morons know this. The guy said "You're gonna ruin your credit over $47?"

I don't want to ruin my credit, and in the grand scheme of things, $47 is not worth fighting about. But maybe it is a question of principles. Not to mention that there are much better ways I could spend that $47.

So bring it, Sprint!

Friday, May 06, 2005

Can you imagine

being a blue collar working man living here in Allentown (PA), having saved up your hard earned cash for a weeklong family vacation in beautiful Tampa/St. Pete, showing up at the airport for your flight on budget carrier Lehigh Valley Air (every penny counts), only to discover that you will, in fact, be flying down south on a plane packed full of bimbos with huge fake tits clothed only in transparent white tank tops and miniscule orange shorts?

I don't know about you, but that might be enough to restore my faith in the world and get me going back to church on Sundays. And I'm a jew.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Too Much Good Stuff

in today's news. Can't focus. So I'm gonna puke it all up on the page for you:

1) The "Runaway Bride" - from today's AP story:

"By all accounts, authorities in Albuquerque befriended the woman.
Wilbanks boarded her plane wearing a new
FBI hat, blazer, polo shirt and pants and carrying a new tote bag and teddy bear, a gift from the aviation police chief. She flew first-class — thanks to tickets bought by her parents — and said she planned to name the bear "Al," for Albuquerque."

This crazy bitch runs away, lies about being kidnapped diverting half the cops in Georgia from doing real work, and somebody gave her a fucking teddy bear? Are you kidding? Do you think some reporter asked the question, "So, Jennifer, what are you gonna name the bear?" Here's to hoping she and the bear spend the next year in jail curled up with cellmate Bertha.

2) Paris Hilton Inc. There are so many great tidbits in this story, that you should definitely read it all. My favorite:

Fuck. I just looked again, and I can't pick a favorite! There are so many hilarious paragraphs I could cut and paste from that story that I must simply insist you read the entire thing. Let me know your favorite 'graph in the comments. My favorite CONCEPT from the story - Lil Jon producing Paris's upcoming album.


No, seriously. I'm not making that up.