Friday, December 31, 2004



It's a new year. Almost. And, typically, I have made no resolutions. The title of the post was an incomplete attempt at a pun. I thought, "Resolution - New Year's, digital pictures . . . good enough." Mark my words, though - I will leave my current job in calendar '05. And if I haven't, at this time next year, somebody give me a colossal beatdown. Life is too short for a lot of things. And staying where I am, vocationally and metaphysically, is one of them.

The pic does represent some sort of turning point. I'm voluntarily showing my face (and my mom's) on the internets. All air of enigma, mystery, and anything "double secret" be damned. I am who and what I am; it is what it is. Word to ya mutha (or at least mine).

Hoping everyone has a fun and safe celebration tonight. And a 2005 that brings everything you want. Well, not everything. That would be no fun. But just about everything.


These are some Pelicans stealing bait from the fishing boat that my family chartered for a day (which turned out to be half a day) in Cabo. I'm exhausted and preoccupied, thinking about work and life generally. I know I have stuff to say. And eventually, I will. For now, enjoy the pelicans.

Friday, December 17, 2004

My Public

Very hard being a celebrity. I've been deluged with work, and I need to get it done because I'm on vacation next week. In Cabo. Mexico. With. My. Family.

Yes, I, 29 year old adult attorney, am going away with my parents and sister. For a whole week. If I come back alive, I promise to share stories and pictures. But I'd say it's about 50/50.

Hope everybody has a good week.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Not The Sharpest Knife

Time only for a short post (common lately). Here's one reason I'm not so smart: I buy lottery tickets. Some would say I could end the post right there and the evidence would be sufficient to back up the statement. BUT, not only do I buy NY Lotto and MegaMillions, I also buy scratch-off tickets. The need for instant gratification is in my genes. So usually, if I spend $5 on the numbers (Lotto Wed & Sat, Mega Tue & Fri), I'll also spend $5 on scratch-offs. I don't select particular games, I always just tell the guy, "mix 'em up however you like." I've never won anything big, but over my career, I've hit $20 a few times, $40 at least once and one $50 win (that was in GA, however).

The past few months, I haven't won a thing. Not even a $1 or $2 bone have they thrown me. I decided I had to do something, it was getting ridiculous. What would you have done?
Right, because you're halfway intelligent. Instead, I decided today that I must be losing because I'm only buying the cheap scratch-off tix. Today, instead of telling the guy to give me "2 2s and a 1," I bought one of the $5 tickets. They can't stiff the high rollers, right? All over the little store across from my office is evidence of people winning $1000, $500, even some $5000 wins. Guess what happened. Have I learned my lesson? Maybe. But I'd say the odds are decent that, when I run out to get lunch tomorrow, I come back with a $10 scratch-off. Moron.

In Florida this weekend for the engagement party of my oldest bestest friend in the world. Saturday morning golf. We needed a fourth, and I drafted Big Pinz. So, if you live anywhere near Delray Beach, board up your windows like there was a hurricane coming.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004


do I insist on drinking Starbucks sometimes despite the fact that it invariably makes me so ill?? I'm gonna need to borrow one of the firm's laptops to take into the can with me for the rest of the night. Ugh.

Sunday, December 05, 2004


is my office. Clearly not on its best day, but it's a pretty accurate depiction. Picture was taken yesterday. Saturday. I only went in for like an hour. If I were smart, I would have stayed all day. And if I were smart, I would go in today. I have a lot of work to do. Instead, I will do the bare minimum today. I will have a phone call with our expert witness to put the finishing touches on his rebuttal report, and then watch football. Because I am in full on slacker mode. At a really inopportune time. Oh well.

Friday night was our firm holiday party. We have 2. There's this one, where all staff are invited but no significant others. Then, next month, there's one for just lawyers, where you can bring a date. It's all fancy and black tie. We call it "the prom." Kind of hilarious. So at Friday's thing, I, despite promising myself I wouldn't, drank too much. Actually, I think the only promise I made was that I wouldn't drink as much as last year. That one, I lived up to. I know this, because I went home alone and didn't spend all of yesterday puking my guts up. So that's a victory.

I hope to God that is the last picture of my office any of you will have to look at. I'm ready to do something about how much I hate it. Unsure what that something will be, but it's time. OK. I'm gonna go figure out what I need to talk to my expert about.